The Long Winter Months

In the long winter months where I long for the smell of a hot dog and fresh-cut grass I try to find a baseball fix any way I can. I will sit and pour over the tiny transaction records in the sports page while my mother looks at me as if I am crazy.  Like many true blue fan’s I have tried everything I can to fill the void left by the end of the post season. I watched the MLS Cup but found it hard to root for David Beckham. I watched every Oakland Raiders NFL game, as well as every UFL Mountain Lions game. However try as I might nothing fills the void left by baseball. It will continue to be my first love and first loves are extremely hard to forget or replace. In fact I cannot even say that I have had a real life love but I can tell you that I have been in love with the Oakland A’s since the age of 5. The A’s and music will always be my passions in life. For people looking for the feeling of A’s baseball in the summer here is a music video by  local artist Brett Dennen that was filmed partially in the Coliseum.


Minor Leagues in the Media

Lately I have inadvertently been seeing Minor League Logos in various media outlets. I know that not many of my friends would know them when they saw them, and some times I cannot believe I spot them.  Recently while watching T.V. I have randomly spotted several minor league logos in odd places.

While watching the show Melissa and Joey on ABC Family this week I noticed the Toledo Mudhens logo in the background of a scene. The characters were in their garage and on the door behind them I realized was the Mudhen logo! The show never says where it takes place, but I have a feeling the Minor League Logo says enough.

Toledo Mudhen Logo On the Garage Door in M & J

While I actually watch the show Melissa and Joey, I was randomly flipping through the channels when I saw the next logo. Randomly I flipped past the show The Voice which I never watch and I flipped back because I thought I noticed the New Mexico Isotopes logo on one of the producers hats.  It turns out it was. I found another blog that also mentioned it and posted this picture below:

Producer wearing Isotopes Hat


It is always fun to see Minor League Logos in the media! Huffingtonpost has also been posting sports articles lately related to Minor League teams which are always fun to read. Wacky things happen in the Minor Leagues all the time so it is great to se it reported on.

2 Runs and a Shutout

Sadly the A’s game today was not televised because Moscoso turned in a brilliant performance worthy of a starter in the Majors.  Moscoso only gave up two hits, walked one, and struck out five over seven innings of work. Moscoso’s position  when Tyson Ross is eligible to be called up after the All-Star break  should not be questioned. His 2.16 ERA is a good case of why he should stay on the major league squad. No win is complete without runs which the A’s actually scored today. I was shocked!  Scott Sizemore with one out in the first hit a home run deep to left. It was Sizemore’s third homer of the season, and he drove in the A’s only other run with an RBI Single in the fifth. It wasn’t a sizable lead but thanks to standout pitching it was enough to secure a win. The final score was the Mariners 0 – A’s 2 with the M’s taking the series.


Both Jemile Weeks and Gio Gonzalez  received big honors this week so congratulations must go out to them.   Named the American League Co-Rookie of the Month for June was Jemile Weeks with Ben Revere of the  Minnesota Twins.  Since being called up June 7th Weeks has provided much-needed spark to the A’s and has hit .309 with 6 stolen bases.  It is always great to see former River Cats doing well in the Majors!

Gio Gonzalez also received co-honors this week.  Named the American League Co-Player of the week with Jose Bautista,  Gio posted a 2-0 record, while allowing one  run and striking out sixteen through fifteen innings. All of this the same week he got named to the All-Star Team? I can only imagine what he is feeling now.  Must be the week of his life!  Always fantastic when good things happen to nice people.


*Wordpress keeps trying to respell Moscoso’s name as Moscow. Funny, but not his name.


** The River Cats just lost their 9th game in a row, and Daric Barton has been with them for 10 days. Barton holds the lowest average on the team, but possess stellar defense. I have to wonder how long the A’s are going to be patient with him. Hopefully not much longer, but I cannot imagine he is worth much at this point in the season.

Ejected Autograph

After being ejected for arguing a close call at first base the Manager of the Lancaster Barnstormers behaved a little unorthodox.   Unlike any other routine ejection he did not just walk back to the dugout and into the clubhouse.  Instead the manager went and grabbed first base, autographed it, and gave it to a fan in the crowd.  Not something you see every day at a ball park that’s for sure. So click on over to Huffingtonpost to see this amazing video.

The 4th

What does July 4th mean to me? To me it means Baseball. I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years so Barbecues are not my thing. I have never been into drinking so the 4th to me represents the start of Summer Baseball. It has finally started to reach the 100’s and the All-Star game is only one week away.   This is the most exciting time of year.  So 4th of July 2011 what am I doing? Watching Bull Durham for the 100th time! There is nothing more sacred or perfect to do on a hot day. Happy 4th to Baseball fans everywhere!

Daric Finally Did it and the A’s have an All-Star

“It’s awesome, I am so happy for Gio. He’s been flashing signs of brilliance, and now the rest of the country can see it. They’re in for a real treat.”- Dallas Braden on Gio Gonzalez to the SF Chronicle

The River Cats may have lost last night against the Tucson Padres 6-4, but Daric Barton collected his first Minor League hit of the season with a double.  Barton’s double came with one out in the first inning, and Jai Miller followed suit with a two-run home run.  The first baseman was finally able to break his .000 batting average and recorded two hits on the night. The sky exploded with fireworks above the Tower Bridge skyline to cap off the evening, and a near sell out crowd was on hand to watch the game.

A little over an hour away the Athletics also celebrated the holiday weekend with fireworks. They may have lost Saturday’s game, but Sunday the A’s bats exploded.  Both Conor Jackson and Scott Sizemore hit two-run home runs in the 6th inning! It was the first time all season the Athletics have had two home runs in the same inning. David DeJesus hit a 2-run single to give the A’s a lead in the fourth and overall it was a very exciting game to watch! Everything worked well, and the game gives die-hard fans hope for the second half of the season.

Entering Sunday’s game Gio Gonzalez had the 4th lowest ERA in the American League at 2.38.  Sunday against the Arizona Diamondbacks Gio struck out seven, walked three, and allowed five hits. So it is no surprise the Athletics lone All-Star this year is Gio.  There is no player on the team more deserving than Gio at this point in the season.  A fantastic pitcher and genuinely nice guy.

In order to make room for Brandon McCarthy after a rehab stint in the Minors the A’s have sent out pitcher Josh Outman. This would put Gio’s next start around Friday, which places him in a prime position to pitch during the All-Star Game. He would be pitching on three days rest, so theoretically could go two innings in the game. Very exciting for Oakland and Gio both.